is it worth reading?

Marcel Knobil

"Even the eyebrows? is both a very informative and compelling read. Surprisingly, very difficult to put down - whilst picking-up precious learnings all along the way. I implore anyone diagnosed with cancer, and all those who care about anyone suffering from it, to read this sensitively, and beautifully written book."
Marcel Knobil, The Brand Guru, Founder Creative & Commercial Communications.

Beverley Knight

"Even the eyebrows? is a riveting, often funny, often heartbreaking, always honest read.  Sharon Morrison gives you the whole truth about coping with "the big C", including the very basics that everyone assumes you would know already ("what is an oncologist anyway?").  Her style is very easy, you can immediately identify with her as a regular woman, she often mentions her family dynamics.  It is one of those book's you never think you will need, because cancer happens to "other people" not us.  I thought that and then found out my great grandma died of breast cancer. My friend is fighting breast cancer at present.  Please don't let this gem pass you by... you never know when YOU may need it."
Beverley Knight, Singer/Songwriter.

Dr Philip Murray

"Sharon was like a spell of sunshine in the very variable climate that we cancer doctors occupy.  Her book describes how she coped with her cancer in a very positive and humorous way and, refreshingly for me at least and unlike so many other books out there, it doesn't try to tell you how you should cope with yours.  I would recommend it to all breast cancer patients, past and present, and their oncologists.  It will make you laugh, you will learn something, it might even bring a tear to those eyebrowless eyes."
Dr Philip Murray, Consultant Clinical Oncologist.

Nick Ross

"No matter how good your doctor, no one can prepare you for what cancer is really like, unless that someone has gone through it like Sharon Morrison. Scientific medicine has made breast cancer hugely survivable - but Sharon helps explain how to handle it, and come out smiling."
Nick Ross, TV Presenter.

Caryn Frankiln

"It’s possible to enjoy a book written about one woman’s experience of life threatening disease because I just have. It tells you everything you have to know as a woman and I mean everything. And it’s funny. Two things out of many that make it an essential read."
Caryn Franklin, TV Presenter and Co-chair of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

Professor Gordon McVie

"Do we need more advice? Given that cancer is the second most searched topic after pornography on the Internet, I think the answer is 'yes'. Nothing will relieve the nagging uncertainty that the diagnosis brings, but Sharon Morrison does show how to handle cancer, and how to get on with life in a positive way."
Professor Gordon McVie, Director General of Cancer Intelligence.

Natasha Kerr

"Sharon Morrison is one of the most dynamic and positive people I have ever met. Her energy is infectious and she leaves you feeling that you can achieve anything. Reading this book is like spending a couple of hours in her company and finding a good friend…"
Natasha Kerr, artist.